Get extreme flexibility and control with a dedicated server Dedicated server hosting for better performance for the larger site.
17% Off (was SEK 1582.16)
  • från 16 GB RAM
  • från 2X400 GB Storage
  • från 10 TB Transfer
  • 2 Cores
  • Intel® Core™ Quad-Core
  • Fri cPanel Control Panel
  • fri SSL
  • Fri & Enkel Site Transfer
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17% Off (was SEK 2326.76)
  • från 32 GB RAM
  • från 2X400 GB Storage
  • från 15 TB Transfer
  • 4 Cores
  • Intel I7® Core™ Quad-Core
  • Fri cPanel Control Panel
  • fri SSL
  • Fri & Enkel Site Transfer
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POWERDRIFT++ Börjar vid
17% Off (was SEK 3257.50)
  • från 64 GB RAM
  • från 2X400 GB Storage
  • från 20 TB Transfer
  • 8+ Cores
  • Intel I7® Core™ Quad-Core
  • Fri cPanel Control Panel
  • Root Access & fri SSL
  • Fri & Enkel Site Transfer
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Give your site the full space it needs to give you the desired performance with dedicated server hosting plan. Empirehosting is your only web hosting provider where you can get a dedicated server plan according to your website needs. We have a variety of customized solutions that can fit your needs with relative ease. No matter what size of website you have, our dedicated server host will undoubtedly deliver your problems. This host plan increases your site's performance according to your specific business needs.

We are determined to provide you with a trouble-free host plan that you are looking for. Our team of experts also ensures that you will not face any hassles when installing dedicated server host. Get extreme flexibility and give your customers a much better experience.

We promise fast, flexible and high performance!
Superior SSD storage

Get SSD storage according to your business and website needs to perform the task smoothly and enhance your visitor experience.

Support from our experts at any time

If you need technical support, our experts will help. Our services are available around the clock and give you a quick solution to all your questions.

Fast speed with reliable server

Get an average page speed of 0.41 faster with our reliable server. Empirehosting handles any problems you may encounter regarding your technical expertise.

We love to see our customers happy! See what they say Empirehosting sought to build a healthy relationship with its customers. We also take an effective stance to solve the problems our customers are facing. Check out here how we make our customers happy and what they want to say about our services.
Fast server with up to 0.41+ ms average speed

Enjoy the fastest hosting experience with our exclusive dedicated server host!

24/7 technical support

Get instant technical help from our friendly and knowledgeable experts who will help you whenever you want.

Zero Account Migration Fees

Move your website to Hosting Empire without spending a single penny now. In most cases, migration is completely free.

Extremely high performance

Test our dedicated server and enjoy extremely high performance to achieve desired business goals.

Reliable hosting with genuine host plan

Get full control of our genuine host plans. Hosting Empire is the trusted host that you can trust.

Which dedicated server serves to the table?

To run a companies are no less than a task, feel free to enter the digital world with the dedicated web hosting plans offered by Empirehosting. We have customized host plans that fit your requirements perfectly. Let's look at which dedicated server serves the table:

Get full root access

Configure and configure your web server with full root access and get maximum flexibility. In addition, you can enjoy complete control over the server with the server management panel.

Enjoy the benefits of advanced management

A dedicated server includes cPanel and WHM with CentOS so you can enjoy the benefits of efficient management. Now you can optimize and automate your business with the WHMCS billing platform.

Maximum control

Get maximum configuration, customization, installation and total flexibility with our dedicated server.

Get a dedicated server from a trusted web hosting provider

If you're looking for a reliable way to grow your business and look confident out, Empirehosting would be your first resort. Our dedicated server host and other web hosting plans help by delivering your problems in an instant. We take care of your technical and website related needs to make sure you're on the right track. Our control panel offers enhanced security features that guarantee website optimization. Our experts are always on the lookout for the chance to meet your needs. Buy our host plans and look safe when working on your online projects.

Have questions? Our host specialist answers you!

Hosting Empire offers you convenient access to the reliable host plan. Whether you run a small business or a large one, we have the best possible hosting solutions for you. Our experts do not deliver the best host plans but also provide you with 24/7 technical support. You can call our Spring Host Specialist at any time to encounter problems related to dedicated hosting. Our call experts are conveniently available sometimes where you encounter dedicated hosting problems. We also ensure that the server you buy from us runs 24 hours a day. For further questions, read the FAQ below:

What is a dedicated server?

The remote server dedicated to an individual organization or application is referred to as a dedicated server. Unlike the shared hosting plan, the customer is not required to share a server with multiple websites. The dedicated server allows customers to rent an entire server with their resources and offers them full root access.

Do I need a dedicated server?

If you own a medium or large business and heavy traffic websites or applications, dedicated server really is an ideal choice to go with where you get maximum customization, configuration and flexibility.

How can I upload my site for free?

Stay in touch with our customer service team and get your site uploaded for free. You can also consult our server experts for more information.

What level of access do I have with my dedicated server?

You get full root access with a dedicated server which means you can have full administrative control of your server.

What control panels are provided?

You will get a server management panel that will manage the server according to your needs. In short, you can perform the operations such as start, restart, stop, rebuild and password reset. You will also receive cPanel / WHM for host management.

Do you offer any billing panels?

yes! We provide WHMCS as a billing panel with your dedicated server. You must first purchase the license and then install it on your server.

How long does it take for my server to be ready to be used?

To ensure that you have direct access to your server, the provisioning system will make your dedicated server ready for a few minutes.

How do I access my dedicated server?

Here are some ways to access the server:

SSL-You can access the server through any SSL client that uses root credentials.

cPanel- cPanel / WHM control panel is also another way to access and manage your server.

Dedicated server control panel - our web-based control panel lets you stop, start or restart your server.

Can I transfer my existing site to Empirehosting?

If you are interested in migrating your hosting package to Empirehosting, you can do so in minutes. You can call our host experts to get the job done smoothly.

Do I get root access to my dedicated server?

yes! You get full root access. This means you have full administrative control over your dedicated server and you can install any software you want.

What kind of support do I get with my dedicated server?

Hosting Empire offers you fully managed support for cPanel servers.

When will my dedicated server be ready when I place the order?

We have our own system that ensures that your server is ready already after 24h. There may be a small setup fee.

Can I upgrade my VPS Hosting account to a dedicated server? >

You can upgrade to our dedicated server at any time if you currently have a VPS host account with us. We will transfer your current account to your new server. You can also upgrade your dedicated server or VPS with a premium account to improve both performance and security.

Can I manage my server through a web-based control panel?

Our dedicated server comes with web hosting manager or WHM. This means you have complete control over customizing and creating your account. In fact, you can also manage all aspects of your server.

Do you provide SSD for the server?

yes! We provide you with SSD drive for the server, which means you get the maximum speed required to run web application smoothly.

Will I have any restrictions on my server, e.g. number of web hosts or number of email accounts?

You can host unlimited email accounts, as there is no limit . You can also use the entire server without any restrictions. You can also add many site requests to your business needs.

Can you help if I want to add extra storage to my servers?

We can offer you the best possible solutions to your needs. We can help you with your dedicated server by adding extra storage to your account if possible. You can contact our customer service team for more information.