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Snabb drifts server 399kr /Månaden 3588kr /årligen
Bästa valuta för pengarna
  • Obegränsade Hemsidor
  • Obegränsafe Databaser
  • Obegränsad Lagring
  • Obegränsade Överförningar
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Turbo core (Överklockad prestanda)
  • EMPIRE CPU Accelerator
  • Gratis & Enkel överföring
  • Nätverks tillgänglighet min. 99,9%
  • Höghastighetsåtkomst till alla Internet-upplänkar
  • Juniper routing-teknik
Reliable solutions for your website to perform best
HTTP / 2

Multiplexing to get faster and more efficient network protocol.

CloudFlare CDN

Speed up your website and protect it from security threats with CloudFlare.

Cloud Linux

Enjoy smooth website performance despite the traffic on your server.

Empire Hosting Provides Quick Solutions For Your Hosting Needs! Get Desired Results And Enhance Your Customers' Experience With Value Creation Techniques. Empirehosting understands your need to get the Best and Fastest Hosting Platform. That's why we optimize our services and offer fast solutions for your hosting needs. The Secure Settings And Its Fastest Server With Incredible Features Are Everything We Promise Our Customers. We Do Our Best To Give You Enhanced Web Hosting Solutions And Make You Get Top Performances Without The Hassle. We Strive To Secure Your Digital Future With Modern Technology And We Always Burn To Achieve This Goal. Choose Empire Hosting And Get Unbeatable Experience With Our Fast Operations Server.
Get free SSD

Get free SSD storage to run your site smoothly. Empirehosting offers you the space you need for your website.


Get the most popular software with the best versions like PHP 7 to make your site better.

Get SSL Certificates for Free

Get free SSL certificates with Fast-Operation Hosting to keep your visitors safe when using your website.

Global Servers

Our global data center lets you host your site around the world. Take advantage of our global servers and stay in touch with your users.

Empirehosting's various options for you

Achieve a high level of stability with CloudLinux and leverage your online project. It helps your website run at the highest performance even if traffic spikes.

HTTP / 2
HTTP / 2 can deliver multiple HTTP requests at once. It is based on Google's SPDY project and gives you maximum benefits over HTTP.

To create a two-way interaction between a website and a browser, you get the benefit of Websocket for a real-time experience.

Google developed the protocol, SPDY is not standard for delivering website content in a fast and secure way.

Do you need a unique solution for a fast hosting experience?

If you find it difficult to get the best hosting solution that fits your needs perfectly, you should not be worried at all. Empirehosting provides you with options that can fit your needs and wishes flawlessly. Our fast hosting services provide you with the solutions to meet your requirements. With a wide range of solutions, we let you choose the right hosting plan for your website. Whether you want shared hosting or dedicated and fast hosting, we have coverage. Our services are not limited to web hosting plans. In fact, we welcome you to get a domain name and SSL certificate to meet the needs of your website. In addition, our high-speed hosting services will deliver your problems effortlessly.

We understand how server is important for a successful project. That's why we provide you with alternatives that can fit your needs perfectly. Kick start your business with our incredible hosting plans to embrace success in your online projects. We also ensure that no server problems will drive you crazy because our customer service is always with you to fight the problems you encounter when using the fast hosting servers. We have not only unique solutions but also the knowledge you need for a successful project.

Innovate, improve and grow with Empirehosting

The way we work at Empirehosting provides you with the most efficient solutions with the fastest hosting servers. The idea of ​​helping you innovate, improve and grow always inspires us to make your path to success clearer. We strive to create opportunities that will allow your digital company to grow. The hosting plans are also customized according to your budget and website requirements. We also have expertise that will help you launch the new features and products through our fast-running server in minutes. We deliver web hosting solutions with a strong focus on your business requirements. The key to our success is to deliver the peace of mind of our customers. Our dedicated team is always ready to solve your questions during calls. No matter how difficult the customer's journey is, we do our best to make it easier. We believe in building a long-term relationship with our customers and that is why we strive to meet our satisfied customers.

Take a look at how we make your experience easier

With us at empirehosting you can enjoy our Fast operation server where we build an environment where you and your company have full space to expand on. We strive to be the only success for your online project. That is why we do our best to make your experience easier. It is not about the services but your needs. Here are some of the ways to make things smoother for you as a customer:

Free Website Upload
We strive to load your website with the best version of our server. We focus on helping you with free site transfer to our fast-running server.

High Performance
High Performance is what we work hard to deliver to you. Now improve your bounce rate and SEO rankings with conversion rates with our server's high performance.

Develops friendly
We has developer-friendly solutions that let you take your business in the right direction. Discuss your needs with us and we will surely provide you with the best solutions.

24/7 support
We are dedicated to providing reliable and outstanding services. That's why we offer 24/7 customer support to make sure you get it right with us.

Have questions? We help you!

When you run a website that represents your products and services, you may need technical support. Of course, technical knowledge is also necessary to address the problems that may arise in your way. However, Empirehosting believes that you do not need to be a technical expert when using our hosting server. Our team is committed to delivering your problems without delay. In fact, we can never afford to miss a chance to help you get the appropriate hosting servers. If you have any questions in mind, we need to help you solve it. You can call us directly or read the related questions below. If you have any other questions in mind, please call us directly to get the best possible solution.

How Can Fast Operation - Server Help Me?

Of course, this question comes to your mind when someone says you should go to the Fast Hosting server. The fast hosting server helps you increase your site's performance and load page speed with Scandinavia's fastest-performing core. Whether you run a large company or have medium-sized companies with nail performance, the fast hosting server will definitely make things easier for you.

Can Empirehosting help my site with SSDs?

yes! Empirehosting offers SSD Hosting. Our Solid State Drives (SSD) help your website by increasing page speed and giving you maximum effect. We actually provide free SSD in a web hosting account that you have with us.

Can Quick Hosting Server help maintain the site's speed under traffic spikes?

Keeping the site speed seems tough under the traffic spikes. But no worries! The fast hosting server can help you maintain a high speed during Traffic Spikes. If you have any questions, you can call our customer support team for immediate assistance.

Will I get the choice of data center? >

Empirehosting offers you the choice of Data Center. We have data centers all over the world. Keep digestible relaxed, as network delay is never an issue.

Can SSL certificates help with Fast Hosting- Server?

Of course! Empirehosting provides you with SSL certificates and a fast-operating server to ensure that you and your customers have a better and secure web experience. Secure your site with SSL certificates and let our Quick Hosting servers do the rest.

What are the additional options for fast hosting server?

Our fast hosting server is available to you when you need it. If you need different resources and additional options for fast hosting, we can help you with VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans.

Does Empirehosting provide technical assistance with the Fast Hosting server?

yes! Our customer service team works around the clock and is always available to help you. We strive to make hosting solutions comfortable. That's why our dedicated team is available around the clock to help you.

Can I get started even if I never has been a customer of Empirehosting?

yes! You can start with Empirehosting at any time. We welcome our prospective customers to warehousing with our web hosts. We offer what no one else has.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, we are ready to answer them. You can call us at any time to get your questions answered. Get exact answers from our experts.