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We take every step to make your site secure!

Is it difficult to make your site safe for your visitors? Empirehosting will do it for you. Buy ssl certificate online with our reliable hosting plans to protect your client's data. Our web hosting plans have free SSL that securely encrypts the link between your server and your customers' sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords and other login information. Such secure encryption invites your customers to trust your website more than your competitors. Whether you are looking for a personal web hosting plan or a web hosting plan for Web Hosting, Hosting Empire provides you with perfect solutions in the form of SSL certificates. Now run a secure website and let your customers feel assured that you have partnered with a reliable and secure web hosting platform. We are proud to be one of the trusted web hosting platforms to use.

We strive to deliver the best web hosting solutions with SSL certified to our customers.

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Guaranteed security with great features
Increase your website rankings

With SSL certificates, you can improve your website's performance and improve SEO rankings on Google. Get SSL certificates from the Hosting Empire and enjoy the benefit of improving your search engine ranking.

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Keep your customer details secure

Create a secure online payment environment and help your customers trust your website and the services you offer. Serve your customers' needs with improved security now.

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Be careful with powerful encryption

Stay relaxed as no hackers can access your personal information. The SSL certificate securely encrypts the path through data between you and your customers.

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What SSL certificates include


Wondering what to get an SSL certificate? Check out a handful of benefits you get:

  • Increase search engine rankings
  • Protects unlimited servers
  • Get 24/7 support
  • Data Theft Security
  • Displays the security protection on your site

How SSL works


SSL certificates build a secure path between you and your customers through which the sensitive information such as username, password and credit / debit card number can pass securely.

  • Your SSL certificate creates an encrypted and secure connection with the visitor's browser.
  • Once the connection is built, HTTPS and a padlock icon will appear in the customer's window, allowing your Customers feel safe sharing their personal information.
  • All data sent to and from the site is encrypted which means no hackers can access the information.

Everything you get with an SSL certificate

  • The green lock
    The green lock and "s" in https in the browser bar ensure that the site is secure during each term.
  • Better Google Ranking
    To run your website on top of Google's search engine with HTTPS, join SSL that only protects your customer data, but also helps you get a better Google Ranking.
  • Accept Secure Debit / Credit Cards on Your Website
    If you want to sell or target a larger number of audiences, you must provide them with convenience Payment options and SSL will help you with that.
  • Let your customers trust you
    Once you've updated your site with a lock icon and green URL bar, your customers will start to trust you!
  • Easy 24/7 installation and customer support
    It's never been easy to go safe and live instantly. Hosting Empire helps with easy settings and 24/7 customer support.

Increase your sales as is easy with SSL certificates


SSL certificates are really a good option for you when you want to make your site secure. Whether you use a personal hosting plan or web hosting plan, you will definitely have a chance to create a secure environment for your users with SSL certificates. Hosting Empire makes sure you get complete help when looking for a secure site. That's why we provide 24-hour tech support and make sure you won't encounter any hassles while making your site secure that your customers can trust.


Have questions? Here we will answer them!


SSL certificates allow you to secure your website and run smoothly at the same time. But the task may not be as easy as it sounds. If the task seems tough, we will help you do it smoothly. Hosting Empire helps you deal with any issues that get you in the way while making your site secure. We have a team of experts who work hard to make the process easy for you. With our host plans it is no difficult task to get a quick help with SSL certificates. Here are the frequently asked questions that may come to your mind and we are always ready to help them:


What is SSL?


SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a technique for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server (host) and browser (client). It is like building a secure tunnel through which data such as username, password, credit card information and other sensitive information can pass securely between you and your customers. This technology is best used to make transactions online and build trust with your customers.


How does SSL connection protect your data?


SSL certificates create an encrypted connection between the web server and the user's browser. This means that the data transmitted between the two cannot be read without first being decrypted. In short, it protects data from being spread among hackers.


How is the encrypted connection established?


There are three easy steps to create an encrypted connection. Here is a summary of the steps:

Step 1. Choose the secure URL (e.g.

Step 2. Next is SSL handshake. You send a request to the web server and then send a response to the web server that attempts to build a trusted connection between the web server and the browser.

Step 3. The data transferred between the browser and a web server is encrypted to keep them secure and private after the SSL certificate is verified via SSL handshake. < / p>   


How do I install my SSL certificate?


To install the SSL certificate on cPanel, Microsoft IIS and Parallel Plesk Panel, you must contact our experts. When your SSL certificate is unaltered, we will notify you by sending you an email.


What are the benefits of having an SSL certificate on my site?


Hosting Empire always strives to help you run a website. our SSL certificate inspires your visitors to trust you. We also make sure our SSL certificate shows visitors that you value their privacy, which ultimately benefits your website and keeps your visitors secure while you make transactions online


What does SSL mean to visitors?


In general, the SSL certificate contains domain name, address, city and country. It also has an expiration date for the certificate and information about the certificate issuer that issued the SSL. In fact, SSL means that your site is confident that your visitors can trust and execute transactions.


How do people know my site is secure?


When visitors use an SSL-protected site, they will see that their browser field displays https with a padlock icon in the URL.


Why should I buy an SSL certificate from Empirehosting?


Hosting Empire not only provides a secure server but also ensures that you get the full benefits of SSL certificates. This certificate works on all devices through which your customers access your site. In addition, our customer service team is always there to support you. You will definitely receive real help when using Hosting Empire for SSL certificates at affordable prices.

Does SSL work in all browsers?

yes! Our SSL certificate is good for all large browsers.


How do I apply for an SSL?


You must complete the authentication process with the certificate authority after purchasing an SSL certificate. Contact our customer service to purchase SSL certificates directly.


When do I need to issue an SSL again?


If your organization details need to be updated, you will need to reissue an SSL certificate.


Do I need technical knowledge to set up an SSL?


No! You do not need to be technically savvy. However, you must follow the correct process for successful installation of the certificate. And you can contact our customer service team for any kind of support. We are available around the clock to help you.


Can I upgrade my SSL certificates?


No! You cannot upgrade or downgrade your SSL certificates yet. If you need to upgrade it, you will need a new certificate. You can buy and install it in the same browser.


What happens if I encounter a problem during and after installation?


Since you do not have technical expertise, you may experience problems when installing the certificate. But no worries! We are here to help you. Call us when you encounter any problems. Our customer service team will help you with the best possible solution.